Former German  player Thomas Hitzlsperger is Gay

Former German player Thomas Hitzlsperger is Gay

Former German international Thomas Hitzlsperger has come out as Gay.

The 31 -year-old former professional did in an interview in Der Zeit.

The former player from Aston Villa ,  VfB Stuttgart , Lazio , West Ham United , Wolfsburg and Everton  ended his career 4 months ago.

He played 52 international matches  for Germany between 2004 and 2010.

" Only in recent years it dawned on me  I 'd rather live with a man , "said Hitzlsperger.

 Homosexuality is according Hitzlsperger " ignored " in football .

In football are openly gay and exceptional.

 "Fight , passion and the will to win are inseparable.

It does not fit the stereotype that many people have a homosexual. Gay 's are namely sissies . "

Hitzlsperger wants to contribute to the acceptance of gay men  in the sport . "I never gaschaamd me for who I am.

Nevertheless, the judgments of colleagues were not always easy to endure .  Think about it : there are twenty young men drinking at a table  make jokes about gay people.

As long as it was funny, I did not feel offended.  In England , Germany and Italy is homosexuality is not a serious problem ,

not in the football locker room , at least. "

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