Blu Gay Bar

Neue Schonhauser straße 20 Berlin

Bar            BAR

Panorama bar

Am Wriezener Bahnhof Berlin

-Ost Bahnhof
vrij , zat vanaf 00:00 Party     Panorama, with its smaller dancefloor and Wolfgang Tillmans artwork, is open all weekend; the more intense Berghain part of the venue, complete with backrooms, is only open on Saturdays.


Oranienstraße 183 Berlin
Bar        BAR In the afternoon cafe, at night a popular pub with a mixed gay, lesbian & straight clientele.

Grosse Freiheit 114

Boxhagener Straße 114 Berlin

-Frankfurter Tor
Bar            BAR    K* The cosy sailor bar in the middle in Berlin! Nice boys become acquainted with, cool music listen . Backrooms with cabins.


Mehringdamm 77 Berlin
vanaf 15.00 Bar        BAR sociable pink bar


Fuggerstraße 33 Berlin

-Frankfurter Tor
ma- don:18:00 tot 03:00 zat-zon: 15:00 tot 03:00 / 02:00 Bar        BAR probably the best pub in Berlin, only for men .Cosy atmosphere and music. A Places to visit in Berlin . From 10 min of U bahn Wittenbergplatz station .

Christmas Avenue in Berlin

Christmas Avenue Berlin

Nollendorfplatz Berlin

15:00 - 22:00 vrij , zat , zon vanaf 12:00 Event            BAR On Nollendorfplatz directly at the Metropol Theater is from 15.11. open until 23.12.2019 in new beautiful Christmas market.

Capture Bar

Wühlischstraße Berlin

-Warschauer Strasse
18:00 - 04:00 Bar            BAR


Kleiststraße 6 Berlin

ma-zat:16:00-01:00 zon: 12:00-01:00 Bar        BAR    K* about 500m away from the KaDeWe, with a large beer garden, with dance floor, Music by pop and rock and pop


Kopenicker Straße 76 Berlin

Bar            K* very Gay-friendly. Legendary club for parties with Strict dresscode.

Hafen Bar

Motzstraße 19 Berlin

ma - zon : vanaf 20:00 Bar        BAR Popular bar (since 1990) in the gay area around Motzstraße.


Simon-Dach-Straße 36 Berlin

-Frankfurter Tor
Bar          BAR Gay / Lesbian bar . Tuesdays Women's Lounge

Tom 's Gaybar

Motzstraße 19 Berlin

Bar        BAR Popular cruise bar. In the 1990s famous for its dark room in the cellar.

Die Busche

Warschauer Platz 18 Berlin

- Warschauerstrasse
woe + zon : 21.30 - 5.00 vij : 9.30 - 06.00 zat : 10.00 - 06.00 Bar        BAR Biggest gay-disco


Wichertstraße 10 Berlin

-Schonhauser Allee
Bar            BAR Cruising bar with videos, backroom and booths.

Trieb werk

Urbanstraße 64 Berlin

Bar        BAR very popular and proud themselves with the typical slightly raw Berlin charme

Toy Boy Bar

Eisenacher Straße 3A Berlin

Bar        BAR former Blue Boy- small cosy gaybar with (r)boys

Ficken 3000

Nostizstraße 30 Berlin

-Platz de L�ftbr�cke
Bar        BAR    K*

BarCode Lounge

Eisenacher Straße 3 Berlin

din - zon : vanaf 17.30 Bar    BAR Lounge Barcode is a funked up establishment


Muhlenstraße 45 Berlin

-Hauptbahnhof / NordBahnhof
gesloten Party   to the main station ostbahn on a Spree beach.- New location at East Side Gallery


Eisenacher Straße 3A Berlin

Bar        BAR Straight-friendly bar in Schöneberg. Cocktails, smokers lounge, Karaoke on Tuesday.


Schonhauser Allee 90 Berlin
ma - zon : 16.00 - 06.00 Bar        BAR Nice and warm bear bar in the best neighborhood of Berlin. Nice to visit before discovering nightlife in Berlin.

Bose Buben

Lichtenraderstraße 32 Berlin
Bar            BAR    K* Germany´s gay club for all kinds of games and flagellation


Friedrichstraße 158 Berlin
Bar        BAR Home of the Montly SPY CLUB .


Rodenbergstraße 23 Berlin

-Schonhauser Allee
Bar            BAR    K* uncomplicated


Schwabische Straße 16 Berlin

ma - zat : vanaf 12:00 zon gesloten Bar        BAR As a small café - restaurant with 45 seats and a cozy, modern atmosphere, we look forward to your visit every day.


Chodoweickstraße 41 Berlin

din - don 17 -04 vrij + zat 17 - 06+ zon 10 - 03 ma gesloten Bar        BAR The address for young gays

HarDie 's Kniepe

Ansbacher Straße 29 Berlin

ma - zon :2:00 - 24:00 , vrij, zat : - 02:00 Bar        BAR pleasant places for anybody who want to relax . right across famous KaDeWe shop.

Heile Welt

Motzstraße 5 Berlin

ma - zon : vanaf 18.00 - ... Bar        BAR a name in the Motzstrasse . Always crowded .

Le Moustache

Gartenstrassse 4 Berlin

-Berlin Nord Bahnhof
Bar            BAR men's club


Fuggenstraße 3 Berlin

zon - don : 14.00-02.00 ; vrij , zat : - 04.00 Bar         Music bar .(R)


Fuggerstraße 33 Berlin

vrij + zat : vanaf 23.00 Bar     gayclub with backroom and cruise

Treibhaus Sauna

Schönhauser Allee 132 Berlin

-Schonhauser Allee
ma - don :13.00 - 07.00 vrij 13.00 -> ma 07:00 (24/24) Sauna         open from 1993


Fuggerstraße 33 Berlin

Bar            K*

Cafe Berio

Maaßenstraße 7 Berlin

24 / 24 Bar            BAR bar resto Art ,open 24/24


Am Wriezener Bahnhof Berlin
zat Bar Am Wriezener Bahnhof. Techno, Trance, Electro, House

Maxxx Bar

Fuggerstraße 34 Berlin

gesloten Bar            BAR im herzen der schwulen szene, in der fugerstrasse 34, findest du maxxx


Pappelallee 65 Berlin

-Schonhauser Allee
Bar      BAR lesbian


Nauuauischestraße 36a Berlin-Wilmersdorf

-Berliner Strasse
din-zat : vanaf 21:00 zon vanaf 17:00 ma gesloten Bar        BAR    K* Does the Stage Club Berlin on two floors and more than 300 m2;

Tee Tea The

Goltzstraße 2 Berlin-Schoneberg

ma -zat : 09:00 tot 20:00 zon + H : 10:00 - 20:00 Bar tea salon


Motzstraße 28 Berlin

vanaf 18:00 Restaurant       Restaurant


Kalckreuthstraße 10 Berlin

zon - don : 10.00 - 02.00 vrij + zat : 10.00 - 04.00 Bar        BAR New Bar-Hotspot in Schöneberg. Lounge and Bar

blue boy bar

Kleistraße 7 Berlin

Bar            BAR New location with big terras

Der Boiler

Mehringdamm 34 Berlin

-Mehringdamm (U6/U7)
vanaf 12:00 tot 06:00 weekend non-stop Sauna            BAR sauna

Schwules Museum Berlin

Lützowstraße 73 Berlin

zon,ma,woe,vrij : 14:00 tot 18:00 zat 14:00 tot 19:00 din gesloten Shop Almost 30 years is the Gay Museum Berlin already old. Now in new location with permanent and temporary exhibitions and information center.

Neues Ufer

Hauptstraße 157 Berlin

vrij-zat :11:00 - 02:00 zon - don : 11:00 - 01:00 Bar        BAR


Eisenacher Straße 23 Berlin

woe . 19-02 , zat .. 21-09 Bar            BAR    K* Open from 2000 . This adult Play and Darkroom for Gays and somethimes . more alternative


Kleiststraße 35 Berlin

-Schonhauser Allee
24/24 Bar            BAR    K* bar. 24h nonstop

Cafe Rix

Karl-Marx-straße 141 Berlin

Bar        BAR

Cafe Club Houze

Gorltzerstraße 71 Berlin

Bar            BAR    K* very popular and proud themselves with the typical slightly raw Berlin charme

Serene Bar

Schwiebusser Straße 2 Berlin

zat vanaf 22 tot .... Bar      BAR Lesbian


Fuggerstraße 19 Berlin

Shop     Leder & Fetish , toys


Schaperstraße 12 Berlin

ma - zat : 16:00 - ... zon: 14:00 - ... Bar        BAR Harlekin Bar Carnaval Bar Berlin

New Action

Kleiststraße 35 Berlin

Bar        K* corner Eisenachterstraße


Mehringdamm 51 Berlin

Temp gesloten Bar            BAR    K* WE ARE OPEN . CORONA RULES :Registration required and also possible at short notice or directly at the cash desk. Please note that it is compulsory to present a daily negative test or proof of vaccination


Motzstraße 25 Berlin

week : 21:00 - 07:00 weekend : 21:00 -09:00 Bar            BAR

Bei Wanda

schapenstraße 14 Berlin

19:00 tot ... Bar            BAR    K*


Kulmer Straße 20a Berlin

Bar        BAR brightly coloured popular gay cafe bar

Alex 's hotel

Lietzenburger Straße 13-15 Berlin

Hotel     The first hotel chain in the world aimed at the gay community .


Lietzenburgerstraße 20b Berlin



Oranienstraße 187 Berlin

Bar            BAR

Villis Bierbar

Greifenhagener Straße 45 Berlin

-Schonhauser Allee
20:00 - 03:00 Bar        BAR relaxed gay audience

Woof Berlin

Fuggerstraße 37 Berlin

Bar        BAR    K* You are ONLY allowed inside with producing a negative test result within the last 24 hours from a designated test station. Or vaccination or recovery certificate. (last vaccination must be 2 weeks ago) You MUST RESERVE a table inside. There will be no walk ins allowed. (to reserve please see below)