12 Old Quebec Street Marble Arch

-Marble Arch
12:00 – 02:00 vrij,zat tot 03:00 zon tot 01:00 Bar     the oldest gay pubs in London


2 George Court Charing Cross

-Charing Cross
Bar     Retro Bar is a favourite gaybar in London


60 Old Compton Street Soho

-Leicester Square
Restaurant     Balans is one of the most famous restaurants in London Soho

Rock garden

6/7 The Piazza Covent Garden

-Covent Garden
Bar   London's premier dining and party venues and nightclub

Cafe boheme

13 Old Compton Street London

-Oxford Circus
Bar   Parisian Cafe with food and drink and live jazz in weekends


77A Charterhouse Street London

Bar three separate dance floors for different music tastes,

Club 49

49 Greek Street London

-Tottenham Court Road
Bar        BAR Club49 is a stylish and thriving venue

The Vault

139-143 Whitfield Street London

-Warren Street
13:00 01:00 Bar        BAR    K* Gay cruise bar

Halfway II Heaven

7 Duncannon Street London

-Charing Cross
ma-zat: 12:00 -00:00 zon12:00 -23:00 Bar        BAR Gay bar, between Charing Cross Station and Trafalgar Square

The Glass Bar

190 euston road Kings Cross

-Euston Square
Bar      BAR The Glass Bar is a Social & Arts Club for women

The Hope and Anchor

20, Macbeth Street HAMMERSMITH

ma - zat : 12:00 - 23:00 zon : 13:00 - 22.30 Bar            BAR a local west London pub attracts a mix of gays of lesbians from 2007

The Little Apple

Kennington Lane 98 London

ma - don :12:00-00:00 vrij :12:00-02:00 zat : 12:00-03:00 zon :11:00 - 23:30 Bar        BAR straight-friendly gay bar


6 The Arches/Villiers Street London

Bar London's premier nightclub and venue

Rupert Street

50, Rupert Street London

-Tottenham Court Road
Bar        BAR Located on a corner of Rupert Street close to London gay mecca Old Compton Street


30 Lisle Street Leicester Square London

-Leicester Square
ma - zat : 12:00 - 03:00 zon : 12:00 - 00:00 Bar     Best Gay Bar London and South East 2008'

G-A-Y Late

5 Goslett Yard London

-Tottenham Court Road
23:00 - 03:00 Bar        BAR G-A-Y Late is the late night in Old Comptonstreet. A Late Night version Of G-A-Y Bar

G-A-Y Bar

30 Old Compton Street London

-Tottenham Court Road
18:00 tot 00:00 Bar        BAR popular gaybar , 3 floors


25 Frith street London

-Tottenham Court Road
ma - don : 12:00 - 23:00 vrij - zat : 12:00 - 00:00 zon : 12:00 - 22:30 Bar        BAR Famous Gaybar


51-53 Old Compton Street London

-Leicester Square
Bar        BAR


81 Wardour Street London

-Leicester Square
ma-zat : 16:00 - 01:00 zon : 16:00 - 23.30 Bar        BAR The Village has become a firm fixture on Soho's gay scene since opening in 1991.

Eagle London

349 Kennington Lane Vauxhall

party Bar        BAR    K* cruise bar

King Edward VI

25 Bromfield Street Islington

12:00 - 00:00 Bar        BAR The King Edward VI is a popular gay pub

West 5

56 Popes Lane South Ealing

-South Ealing
ma-din:gesloten woe:9:00-00:00 don:19:00-01:00 vrij:19:00-02:00 zat:19:00-03:00 zon:18:00-01:00 Bar        BAR West 5 is a welcoming gay venue split into different areas

Circa Soho

62 Frith Street London

-Tottenham Court Road
16:00 – 01:00 Bar New gay bar in London Soho

Shadow Lounge

5 Brewer Street Soho

-Piccadilly Circus
Bar        BAR London's number one gay members club.

The 2 Brewers

114 Clapham High Street London

-Clapham Common
vrij + zat : 22:30 tot 04:00 Bar    BAR South London cabaret bar

The Kings Head

23 Poland Street London

-Oxford Circus
12:00 – 23:00 zon tot 22:30 Bar        BAR    K* Popular London bar for bears

The Bridge

8 Voltaire Road Clapham

-Clapham North
ma - don : 16:00 - 24:00 vrij - zon : 12:00 - 24:00 Bar            BAR Clapham Hottest New Gay Bar

Bar Berlin

Arches 47 South Lambert Road London

Bar            BAR    K* Bar Berlin , new men-only bar to get the Berlin vibe to London .

Molly Moggs

2 Old Compton Street Soho

-Tottenham Court Road
ma - don :12:00 -11:30 vrij,zat : tot 00:00 zon : 12:00 - 10:30 Bar        BAR Lively, tiny, traditional-style corner pub


No 1 Invicta Plaza , South Bank London

zat: 10:00 - 06:00 woe : 10:00 - 03:00 Bar        BAR    K* Pleasingly spacious venue Party Venue on saterday and Wednesday

The Duke of Wellington

77 Wardour Steet St James

-Leicester Square
12:00 - 23:00 zon tot 22:00 Bar            BAR traditional London pub for older gay

The Admiral Duncan

54 Old Compton Street London

-Leicester Square
12:00 - 00:00 zon tot 22:00 Bar    BAR London best known gay institutions


23a Old Comptonstreeč London

-Tottenham Court Road‎
Open Bar      BAR The UK's premier lesbian bar.- New location


29 Endell Street London

-Covent Garden
zon-don:12:00-00:00 vrij,zat:12:00-07:00 Sauna        BAR sauna nearby Soho

The Yard

57 Rupert Street London

-Piccadilly Circus
ma-don:16:00-11:30 vrij:16:00-00:00 zat:14:00-00:00 zon:14:00-22:30 Bar        BAR loft-style bar upstairs for fashionable gay people

Play Pit

357 Caledonian London

-Caledonian Road
Bar        BAR    K*

The Stag

18 Bressenden Place Southwest

ma 16:00-00:00 din - vrij :16:00-02:00 zat: 17:00- 5pm-02:00 zon: 17:00-00:00 Bar       gay-friendly pub

Escape Soho

10 Brewer Street London

-Leicester Square
Bar    BAR The Escape Bar is a sister venue to Madame JoJo's

Little Apple

98 Kennington Lane London

zon- don : 12:00 - 00:00 vrij ,zat ,zon : 12:00- 01:00 Bar        BAR pub


50 Clapham Highstreet London

-Clapham Common / .. North
Bar        BAR

The Edge

11 Soho Square London

-Tottenham Court Road
Bar        BAR Refurbishment bar


Railway Arches Alaska Street London

Sauna        BAR Simply the best sauna for gay and bi men in London

Locker Room Sauna

8 Cleaver Street London

ma-don:10:00-00:00 vrij 10:00 tot zon 00:00 : 24/24 Sauna        BAR sauna

Windsor Castle

152 Bath Road London

-Hounslow West
Bar            BAR The Windsor Castle is West London’s friendliest and most welcoming gay pub, offering fun 7 nights a week


6 South Lambeth Place London

Bar        BAR A brand new venue aiming to bring a plush late night experience to Vauxhall.


99-100 Turnmill Street Farringdon

5PM - 1AM Bar        BAR great space to chill out,relax and meet friends


23 Frithstreet Soho

-Tottenham Court Road
5PM - 11PM Bar        BAR A new Straight Friendly Gaybar in West End


309 New Cross Road New Cross

-New Cross
21:00 - 06:00 Bar            BAR    K* venue all night


12 Old Compton Street London

-Leicester Square
Bar     cocktail bar

The City of Quebec

12 Old Quebec St, Marble Arch

-Marble Arch
ma tot don : 12:00 tot 02:00 zat : 12:00 tot 03:00 zon : 12:00 tot 01:00 Bar        BAR Mostly Men ,50+ crowd ,Cruise, Dancing , Karaoke , Cabaret

Teds Place

305a North End Rd, Fulham

-West Kensington
ma tot don : 19:00 - 00:00 vrij + zon tot 02:00 woe + zat gesloten Bar            BAR Come and meet like-minded guys and have a drink or two in our relaxed and friendly club.

Vault 139

139-143 Whitfield St Kings Cross

-Warren Street
Bar            BAR Just north of Soho, hidden away on a quiet back street . with plush sofas, television screens and a DJ booth


1 Invicta Plaza Southwark

-Southwark / Blackfriars
Bar            BAR    K*

The Glory

281 Kingsland Rd London

-Haggerston (Overground)
Bar            BAR A new bar and venue co-opened by drag legend Jonny Woo.

The Roebuck

84 Ashmole Street London

Bar     standard pub grub. The New gay venue Cluv in the Oval area

Fitladz East

69 Albert Embankment London

Bar        BAR The fittest lads have hit Farringdon in a brand new gay bar, with all the facilities you need to have fun. With tech house ad grey trackies abound



-Leicester Square
ma - zon : 17:00 - 23:30 vrij , zat tot 00:00 Bar        BAR LOUNGE BAR in Soho

The Hoist

South Lambeth Road London

22:00 - 03:00 zat 14:00 - 07:00 zon : 22:00 - 04:00 Bar        BAR    K* Fetish bar , dresscode apply

The Backstreet

Wentworth Mews London

-Mile End
don-zon : 10:00 - 03:00 Bar        BAR    K* leather bar

The Green Carnation

4-5 Greek Street London

-Tottenham Court Road
Bar    BAR Inspired by the life and times of the incomparable Oscar Wilde

The Oak Bar

79 Green Lanes London

-Manor House + BUS
vanaf 17:00 ma-woe : tot 01:00 don : tot 03:00 vrij+zat : 16:00 -> zon. Bar      BAR A hub for north London lesbians

The Old Ship

17 Barnes Street Limehouse

-Limehouse DLR
woe-zat : 19:00 - 00:30 din : gesloten ma vanaf 16:00 zon vanaf 18:00 Bar            BAR Gay / mixed traditional style pub.

The Richmond Arms

20 The Square Richmond

ma-woe :13:00-23:00 don :23:00- 01:00 vrij+zat : 13:00-02:00 zon: 13:00 - .. ( -01:00 max) Bar    BAR Traditional gay pub

Shop 50 Soho

50 Old Compton Street London

-Leicester Square
12:00 - 22:00 Shop    BAR pride and gift shop

White Swan

556 Commercial Road London
9:00 tot 04:00 Bar            BAR The original East End Gay Dance Bar

Club Covert

Albert Embankment 65 London

Bar        BAR new party venue. reopening and refurbishment . fridays gaynight.