Tourism Antwerp want gays and youth.

Tourism Antwerp want gays and youth.

The city of Antwerp is now address a niche market of young and Gays.

Antwerp has many advantages for the tourist, say Annik Bogaert of Antwerp Tourism and Congress.

"We have fashion, diamonds, antiques, good restaurants. This pull that audience already. "

Gaytoerisme and youth.

Unlike Amsterdam, Antwerp will focuses on at gaytourism and youth.

In May, a youth magazine will be published in English in order to promote Antwerp and there is a mobile application for Antwerp.

"We are open a new young Hostel and in in the middle of the city.

You have to promote what you got, "says Arne Staehle.

For gay tourism campaign specifically, and cruise tourists are a target.

But they are also interesting.

Cruise Tourists have something to spend, and even gays.

Often they are double-income households who do not want inheritance hoarding and interested in fashion and culture.

They have a hip destination. "

Late June is the Antwerp pride and throughout the year there are many activities for gays.

other News of Antwerpen

DARKLANDS Festival 2020

DARKLANDS Festival 2020

After 10 successful editions of Belgium Leatherpride, the name was changed to DARKLANDS .
An important part since the last 5 years is the 'Darklands (trade fair)' exhibition, with various day activities.

Antwerp Brilliant Games 2019: Experience sports without boundaries

Antwerp Brilliant Games 2019: Experience sports without boundaries

From October 31 to November 3, 2019, Active Company vzw organizes an international sporting event: the Antwerp Brilliant Games. They expect more than 800 athletes - gay, bisexual, straight, ... - from all over Europe and so many more visitors and spectators. Badminton, squash, tennis, volleyball, swimming and also rugby are on the program.