CSD Cologne 50 years of pride

CSD Cologne 50 years of pride

50 years of pride – MANY. TOGETHER. STRONG Fifty years ago in June, the first major uprisings of LGBTIQ * took place on Christopher Street because of police harassment.

It was the militant prelude to a worldwide emancipation movement that has taken different courses in many countries to this day.

Today, LGBTIQ * have almost achieved equal rights in many countries around the world. But not in countries with rigid repression, and the fact is also that homo, trans * and bi-phobia is on the rise again.

The AfD presented in the Bundestag the request to abolish marriage for all, and the new CDU party leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer openly defends the rejection of same-sex marriage, Plus the fact that violence against LGBTIQ * has increased by 30% in recent years.

50 years of pride – MANY. TOGETHER. STRONG!We are MANY and we have to stand TOGETHER and STRONG against the sharp winds of right and group-focused enmity.

Hauptbühne / Main stage

WE ARE ALL TOGETHER STRONG, and with MANY TOGETHER, we will achieve our goals of full equality.


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