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At the beginning of November, athletes from all over the world gather in Antwerp. Then Active Company, the Antwerp sports association for LGBs and sympathizers, organizes the Antwerp Brilliant Games , an international multi-sport tournament.

From October 31 to November 3, 2019, Active Company vzw organizes an international sporting event: the Antwerp Brilliant Games. They expect more than 800 athletes - gay, bisexual, straight, ... - from all over Europe and so many more visitors and spectators. Badminton, squash, tennis, volleyball, swimming and also rugby are on the program.

In addition to the competition sports, this year also made room for a number of recreational sports such as an Art & Nature Walk, Bycicle Tour, 5 and 10 km run and yoga sessions. Participation is deliberately kept low.

In addition to the sports tournaments, there is also a social section. Traditionally this includes a party and a brunch. But this edition also includes various dinners, a city tour and welcome events. They take place throughout the city, from the Grote Markt to the islet. Antwerp is preparing for 4 days full of sports, culture and fun.

With the Antwerp Brilliant Games, Active Company wants to lower thresholds and positively adjust the image of LGBs and sports. " Experience sports without boundaries " is the mission behind the story. In the first place they target us to the LGBT community, but we absolutely want to encourage athletes or supporters outside the LGBT to participate.
No boundaries! The infectious ambiance encourages many heterosexuals to come back. Different activities are organized hand in hand with other clubs. Through Outreach we also want to get LGBs from countries that are less fortunate than LGBs in Belgium. To say it with the message of the recent Antwerp Pride Parade: " In sport you can be who you are! ".

This edition they go one step further. Part of the proceeds from the recreational sports and the tournament t-shirt go to "Out for The Win", a non-profit organization that is very actively committed to the acceptance of gays, lesbians, transsexuals, queer and intersexuals in the sports world (www.

The Antwerp Brilliant Games in this form are ready for the second edition, but the tradition of gay sports events Antwerp extends much further, 20 years in the meantime. Pastors were World Outgames (2013), AntwerpGames (2009), EuroGames (2007) and the Halloweentnament (2005) to name a few. Now the name is definitively fixed for the following editions. The name Antwerp Brilliant Games refers to our "BrilliANT Games" tennis tournament of 2015 and with a joke to the Diamond Games, and other beautiful facets of our A-typical city. The Gay and Lesbian Tennis Association awarded this edition the prize: "Best Big Tournament of 2015".

Antwerp Brilliant Games - from October 31 to November 3, 2019

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