Luc Cuypers is Mister Leather Belgium 2010

Luc Cuypers is Mister Leather Belgium 2010

Luc Cuypers is Mister Leather Belgium 2010. These it was preferred from 4 candidates during the first leatherpride Antwerp 2010.

Serge Van Camp, Luc Cuypers, Nennet Thomas and Sven Cleyman were the candidates for the Leather Belgium 2010 title at the elections in Mezzo Giorno on 24 January 2010.

Every candidate gave a presentable show where could choose the present visitors from the 4 candidates.

Sven gave a quiet dressshow but showed that he was no a virgin. As a youngest candidate he was not the macho character such as the 3 other candidates.

Bennet Thomas the dark boy from the group , obtained nevertheless a deserving 2nd place.

Luc did a 2 person act presentation won this election.

serge left itself as a master to take care with heavy dialogs to publicly.

the choice had been made at the presentation fast by the present public but it lasted up to the evening for all votes products counted.

The winner became Luc Cuypers which in company of other Mister Leathers arround in the world. ( Mist Leather Germany , America , NRW , Europe ).

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my real gayfriends

my real gayfriends

Friendships are needed to not always be alone to be. Unfortunately, thanks to the use of smartphones and social networks, our friendships are rather virtual. What are our real friends?

Loneliness, difficulties to have contact with other gays and grief. These are often elements that we often find in the gay world.

Many causes can be found in the coming-out period. Coming-out often does not run as we expect. This is normal, everything needs its time. But many often have many expectations and requirements during their coming out.

We are who we are.

Often it is 'I' thinking that everything will go wrong. We give or think that we give a bad self-image to others. Generally we ignore signals from others and are very selective in the choice we make.

We have become much more careful after our comming-out and build walls around us.

Being careful sometimes is necessary because there are many donkeys and fakers in the area.

But we must not make everyone bad, we have to understand what happens and courage to have contacts. And this with everyone, whether it is your type or not. Friendships are not relationships.

We can not force relationships or friendships. Everything must be done spontaneously and we can never have many expectations. Go ahead and free yourself.

You can never reject someone, of course outside the donkeys, but you have to put energy and have patience to make the right contacts. Learn from the experiences of others.

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For the first time, go away from social networks. These are often not social enough to look for friends. You can have a lot of friends or 'likes', but these are . Dating apps are to date and make intimate contacts, not to seek friendships. �Go to gay bars better and look for peace and conviviality. Do not be selective and look around how other gays interact. Look and learn from their experiences and make friendships.

If you then have your first friends, it is more important to keep them. We are in a community that supports each other and you in the future also as a family. Stop contacting message services with each other. Not with messages from 'hey' or 'how are you', but ask direct questions: 'Are you at that party too?' 'Have you seen that new movie?' "Do you want to have a drink later?" .

It is important that you get to know each other. Go to a birthday party, go to the cinema or drink something.

Loneliness must be avoided. Friendships are there to have, but certainly not to abuse. There are a few rules about friendships: 'Never require anything or make heavy demands', 'Keep to your meeting appointments', 'give each other space' and 'be honest'.

And the most important rule too: "By the way, friends never lend money to each other." So when someone asks to borrow money, say 'no'. This is not to say that you pay a liquor bill once. But never borrowing real money.



A highlight of the summer season is the charming and unique GAY NIGHT AT THE ZOO. In the midst of elephants, tigers and penguins is sung, swung, casually danced and celebrated.