DARKLANDS Festival 2020

DARKLANDS Festival 2020

After 10 successful editions of Belgium Leatherpride, the name was changed to ' DARKLANDS '.

An important part since the last 5 years is the 'Darklands (trade fair)' exhibition, with various day activities.

The Darklands Event is a multi-day event with a fair, parties and various other events such as a boat trip, bus tour and concerts.

Darklands 2020 is therefore a Theme Park for the big boys in the gay scene. And that can be seen.

The event takes place in recent years in 'De Waagnatie' in Antwerp North, Docklands area 'Eilandje'.

Then the night parties start after 6 p.m. or 9 p.m.

Different parties are available on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening. Mayhem Party (Thursday) from 9 pm, Fusion (Friday evening from 9 pm), Rage (Saturday evening from 9 pm) and Fury (Sunday evening from 6 pm to 1 am)

MR Superhero, MR Puppy, MR Leather, X-Awards and more .

More info annd live updates : https://gaybars.eu/en/be/Darklands-2020.htm

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