Gay bars have difficult times

Gay bars seem to experience difficult times. You will be rightly sad and angry when a gaybars with content and tradition close their doors again. And the reasons why?

It is the community's idea that gay bars are remnants of bygone times and if they are not able to make money.

Nonsense! The vast majority of gay bars are commercially successful, but they do not have a lot of money. But the real reason lies with the visiting public.

As regards the dating of apps (Grindr, Tinder, webchat, ..) as 'competition' for gay bars, is often indicated as a cause.

The question is, is there a need to have 'our own' bars? Gays do not go to their local wine bar or local bar for good. There they can not be sighted, how they are accepted there, if they behave.

It is also particularly cruel to blame the youth. These guys lose the places that we have always taken for granted. They react differently than they used to.

Formerly the only meeting place to meet like-minded people in gay bars. A safe environment to meet someone.

Ironically, the gays are looking more for their dates on the 'unsafe' and 'antisocial' internet than in the cozy pub. Not surprising that depression among the gay youth is great.

What they really wanted was a cheap drink, a meat market without photoshop, a nice DJ for the tunes, a conversation at the bar and Grindr in hand.

iki Queer Bar Reykjavik Iceland

It is clear that the smartphone and internet addiction plays a major role. Who can now stay without internet for 3 minutes?

That Gaybars experience a difficult time in this way is clear. 'Barman, a sweet white wine please i.' .

(foto #2: Kiki Queer Bar Reykjavik Iceland - )