Pink Monday Tilburg 19 july

Pink Monday Tilburg 19 july

Tilburgse village fair 2010 runs of Friday evening 16 July till Sunday evening 25 July,

and has been framed up by a coloured village fair .

Tilburg has also nice popular gaybars in the center.

The peak during this 10 days lasting event is pink Monday (19 July),

its largest gay-intergration -event in the Netherlands with more than 300,000 visitors.

The village fair is spreads on several locations in the downtown, with than 300 large attractions.

The nostalgic village fair more with historical attractions in the town hall to the Willemsplein is a fixed component.

The kickoff of Pink Monday place at 13.00 in the beer hall, on the kOningsplein with a show of LUV.

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