Mister Chaps 2011 contest

Mister Chaps 2011 contest

On May 7, 2011, there are competitions for TITTRE of Mr. Leather Chaps Belgium, Liege .

Competitors will have to appear several times on stage before the public.

Competitors will also undergo one or more series of interviews before a jury. The jury's decisions are final and without discussion.

All rounds of the competition Mr. Leather Chaps take place in Liege Belgium.

He received the first prize and the title of Mr. Leather Chaps Belgium.

The competitor came in second place will receive the title of the first dolphin (1st runner up), the competitor came in third place will receive the title of second dolphin (2nd runner up).

In the event that the participation of only four competitors, 3rd place (2nd dolphin / 2nd runner up) will not be issued.

In case of withdrawal, abandonment of title or non-compliance with conditions attached under the title of Mr. Leather Chaps Belgium will be removed from the competitor came in 1st place and will not transmitted to competitors arrived in second or third place.

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