my real gayfriends

Friendships are necessary to not always be alone. Unfortunately, through the use of smartphones and social networks, our friendships are rather virtual. What are our real friends?
Loneliness, difficulties in contact with other gays and sadness. These are often elements that we often find in the gay world.
Many causes can be found in the coming-out period. Coming-out is often not what we expect. This is normal, everything needs its time. But many often have many expectations and demands during their coming-out.
We are who we are.
Often it is 'me' thinking that will confuse everything. We give or think that we give others a bad self-image. We usually ignore signals from others and are very selective in the choice we make.

We have become much more careful after our comming-out and are building walls around us.
Being careful sometimes is necessary because there are many donkeys and fakers in the area.

But we must not make everyone bad, we must understand what is happening and have the courage to have contacts. And this with everyone, whether this is your type or not. Friendships are not relationships.
We simply cannot force relationships or friendships. Everything must be spontaneous and we must never have many expectations. Go for it and free yourself.

You can never reject anyone, except for the donkeys of course, but you have to put energy and be patient to make the right contacts. Learn from the experiences of others.