Darklands 2020

Darklands 2020

After 10 successful editions of Belgium Leatherpride, the name was changed to ' DARKLANDS '.
An important part since the last 5 years is the 'Darklands (trade fair)' exhibition, with various day activities.

In short

The Darklands Event is a multi-day event with a fair, parties and various other events such as a boat trip, bus tour and concerts.

Darklands 2020 is therefore a Theme Park for the big boys in the gay scene. And that can be seen.

The event takes place in recent years in 'De Waagnatie' in Antwerp North, Docklands area 'Eilandje'.

This can be reached via Tram 7 and Tram 1 (De Lijn). Taxis also know their way to this event location and for hotel guests who have booked in a preferred hotel via the booking code (website), a shuttle bus is provided at certain hours. from the hotel.

Different types of tickets (tickets) are available per part (more below).

Then the night parties start after 6 p.m. or 9 p.m. The stock market closes during the night.

What to do

The Darklands Fair.
Various exhibitors sell and display their material there for visitors to the fair. There are also a few bars open and there is an American Dinner. (restaurant is not yet open Thursday). Darkland Beurs is open from Thursday from 6:00 pm, Friday from 4:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday from 1:00 pm. 1 ticket for darklands is valid for the 4 days (bracelet).

Different parties are available on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening. Mayhem Party (Thursday) from 9 pm, Fusion (Friday evening from 9 pm), Rage (Saturday evening from 9 pm) and Fury (Sunday evening from 6 pm to 1 am)

Events and Mister elections
MR Superhero, MR Puppy, MR Leather, X-Awards and more ... (during Darklands fair). .

Frequently asked question. During the Darklands fair, normal clothing is allowed (no dress code).
There is a strict dress code at the parties themselves (Leather, Bike , Sports, Rubber, Skinn, Army, Uniform, Pup, ...). So no ordinary everyday clothes.

New for the 2020 edition

- Extra day earlier open : Because often foreign guests are already present on Thursday for an event and the gay bars in the city could not handle this mass of visitors, Darklands opens one day earlier (Thursday).

- Larger festival space

- Now there are 23 DJs (enough music)

- Youngster social (Meet and Greet for young people)

- X-Awards Gala : The X-Awards event has been moved from the busy Sunday afternoon to Friday evening with a Gala.

- Pop-up bars : the famous bars get a 'revival' during Darklands (Who wants the The Blue Oyster Bar from Police Academy ).

- Showers available : (at the lockers): Washing is sometimes pleasant.

Important info :

  • Smoking is NOT allowed in the room. A specially large smoking area is available (Belgian law).

  • Photography and filming are NOT allowed. Several visitors are present anonymously and do not want their wives, colleagues at work or family to see that they were there (privacy).

  • Fake tickets. Pay attention when reselling tickets. Every year there are scammers who resell a ticket (with barcode) several times and then you are there at the ticket control without a valid ticket.

  • Narcotic drugs are not allowed.

  • Bringing drinks from outside the event is not permitted.

  • The event has been made wheelchair-friendly (outside the higher areas that are only accessible by stairs).

Different tickets for 1 or more events are available.
The large multi-day tickets are often pre-sold and quickly sold out. At the counter there are limited tickets available.
The biggest 'all in' ticket is the Dark World Pass (sold out quickly).
The Alpha Madness Pass is the lighter version of the Dark World Pass (also often sold out quickly)

The regular Madness Pass is the most commonly used admission ticket, which includes the various parties and the Darklands fair.

The single tickets are also available separately at the DOOR .

Tickets can be ordered online in advance or sometimes only in advance
Note: If you have a Darkland exhibition ticket, you only have access to the Mayhem party on Thursday. Other Parties have a separate ticket.
In previous years, visitors to the exhibition had to go outside again and then come back in for the evening party. There is improvement planned for 2020 so that these party visitors can stay on location until the party starts.

What about the storage of your personal belongings.
Lockers are available at the entrance. They can be rented on site or in advance.
Large and small lockers are available. The small lockers (25x35x45 cm) are sufficient for small material for 1/2 person (jacket, shirt, mobile, backpack). Not for sports bags or travel bags.
The large safes (30x43x45 cm) are often large enough to possibly place a leather jacket, bag or the like for storage.
It is not possible to store it separately on XL material. There are only lockers (lockers).

On the day / night even single lockers are available for rent for one event. (Fair in day and party in night are 2 events!)

presale vaultjres
  Day passes (Fair and Party, 1 day) are only online available. Weekend passes are also only available online. (Thursday to Sunday)
For online ordering a confirmation code will be sent by email.
Read your locker email before you leave and print it out (possibly look in your 'Spam folder').


Darklands, formerly Leatherpride Belgium, started as a party event in gay bar 'The Boots' in Antwerp. That is also how the Mister Leather Belgium election began.
Due to the great success they moved to another party location in the city.
Afterwards they moved to a large event hall 'Waagnatie'.
Only 1 of the halls was used in the first years, but the last editions take place in the two halls and a tent has recently been added at the entrance. .
A regular part of this event is the Mister Leather Belgium elections. Later, other Mister elections have been added such as Mister Puppy, Mister Heroes, ... In 2020 this is the 11th edition.

Darklands event

All info is subject to change or errors.