Darklands 2022


In shorts:
The Darklands Event is a multi-day event with a fair, parties and various other events such as a boat trip, bus tour and concerts.
Darklands 2020 is therefore a Theme Park for the big boys in the gay scene. And that can be seen.
The event takes place in recent years at 'De Waagnatie' in Antwerp North, Docklands area 'Eilandje'.

This can be reached via Tram 7 and Tram 1 (De Lijn). Taxis also know their way to this event location and for hotel guests who have booked a preferred hotel via the booking code (website), a shuttle bus is provided at certain hours, from the hotel.
Different types of tickets (tickets) are available per part (more at the link ).
Then the night parties start after 6 pm or 9 pm The stock market closes during the night.

A Visitor Center will be open from Wednesday 5 May 2022

-Rijnkaai (Tram 7 , Tram 1 )

        BAR    K*
Dressciode apply Event

5 May 2022 - 15:00 h : Darklands 2022

  Darklands 2022

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