Monday 25 July 2016
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38th CSD Berlin goes to thanks for notting
With a radical motto of the 38th CSD Berlin goes in this election year on the road, "Thanks for nothing".
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ColognePride 2016 – Different.Life! ('anders.Leben! ')
The motto for Cologne Pride 2016 is different.Life!. The Gay Parade will be the highlight of this event.
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A new route for the Gay Pride Parada 2 July Paris
New Start for the March of LGBT Pride of Paris on 2 July 2016: the Louvre to Bastille. The March will begin Saturday, July 2 at 14h30 du Louvre to go to Bastille, along the waterfront.
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London Pride 2016 parade
The LGBT+ rainbow flag was raised from the top of Portcullis House, for the first time, and will fly until the end of the Pride Festival (26 June).
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London Pride 2016 with #nofilter
The LGBT+ rainbow flag was today raised In London. A pride is still necessary? 3/4 of LGBT+ people still feel the need to lie about being gay in UK.
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London Stands united with Orlando against terrorism
Old Compton Street had an Orlando Tribute for a while. 1000 of people descended on Monday Night (13 june) on Soho London for the biggest tribute for the vicims of the Orlando shooting in Sunday.

Grindr - So complicated to reality or not?
The success of Grindr (and other dating apps, we give Grindr as an example), due to its simplicity. But what makes Grindr so attractive?


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