Antwerp Pride goes on, but will be different this year

Antwerp Pride goes on, but will be different this year

In the light of the newly announced government measures against the COVID-19 virus, Antwerp Pride cancels all major events that it organizes.

This specifically concerns the Antwerp Pride Parade, the Love United Festival on Saturday 8 August and the Closing Festival on Sunday 9 August.

The organization is now looking whether an alternative and small-scale programm can be organized.

The further refinement of the government measures in the coming weeks will be an important factor in this.

Antwerp Pride, the annual party for LGBT’s and their friends,

is therefore not completely canceled.

"This measure is unfortunate but understandable in our fight against the virus.

We like to party and we like to take to the streets, but a Pride is more than just partying," says chairman Bart Abeel.

"The Pride idea can also be interpreted in other meaningful ways and we will now look at this together with our partners, based on the further measures that the government is taking or relaxing. That way we can still make the rainbow shine in our city.

Our theme this year Together remains more topical than ever, because together we have to soldier on through these times. Together we care. Together we Pride. "

Antwerp Pride takes place from August 5 to Sunday, August 9 2020 .

Next year Antwerp Pride will take place from August 11 untill 15 August 2021.

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