Nick Jonas will show up in G-A-Y @ Heaven

London. Is he or is he not? The question we ask all the times.

He started as a boyish Disney Channel icon in the popular series 'Jonas Brothers' as superstar life but now he grew up to be a single (?) singer and actor . He had a solo debut with his single 'Jealous' who cames to be number one. He took part of the annual AIDS Walk in Ney York for a number of organisations .

He visit a gaybar in New York City and was on stage with strippers in the view of may ,smartphone video taped' visitors. His last played character Nate Kulina on Kingdom play was Gay and played by Jonas. He was on The GRammy's Award last week . Busy little fellow, we believe. Thatís what happened.

London's world famous G-A-Y @ Heaven club will packed out with Nick Jonas for performs his number one single on stage next weekend. He is comfortable with who he is ,what he believe in and He is an adult.

Also on stage is US pop princess Kelly Clarkson that night.

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