Williams is Mr Bear NL 2014

Amsterdam. Williams is Mister Bear Netherlands 2014 . Gert has won the tittle in Amsterdam at the 1ste BearPride 2014.

Williams is 39 years old and work as a docter. Last year he got a civil partnership with the man he love and he had changed his name to Mr Williams.

People asked him why would he join the Mr Bear Election. He think personally its fun to participate and meet new like minded poeple. All the other participants (Gert Schans ,Henk Heijenga ,Chris Van Vianen and Rob Schenkel) are so nice and friendly without bitching around to win.

For the past 3 years he have been living in the great city of Amsterdam, originally he am from a small city Twente (NL) and that is the place where the tall people are coming from in the East of Netherlands. He is both a proud Amsterdammer and proud ' Tukker'. The thing people notice first is his size 2,00 m (6'6''), 125kg (275 pounds), shoe size is 50 (US 16). Heis going to the gym 5 times a week and loves bodybuilding .

He is classify as a musclebear. He have been considering a lot if he would join the election, but there is nothing to be ashamed about to join the election at Bear-Nessary.
source - author : Gaybars.eu
Photo: GayOut

Mr Bear Nl election

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