Eurovision Song Contest 2010

. Eurovision Song Contest is usually a big event in many bars broadcast live.
Especially when there are delegations from our country .
This year's Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo.

In total, 37 countries participated. Georgia is back but with Andorra, Hungary, Montenegro and Slovenia hooks this year because of the economic crisis.
There are two semi-finals on May 27 and 25 and the grand finale on Saturday, May 29, 2010.

Tom Dice for Belgium is in a blue outfit were measured by the Antwerp fashion designer David Guy, a blue-white guitar gift from the congregation Eeklo.Uitzonderlijk Tom Dice was chosen by the VRT itself, with no national Selection show. Apparently the choice of Belgian viewers are not the same as European viewers.

For the Netherlands, the 18-year-old Sieneke Peeters to Oslo.
The Sieneke hopes this year with "I'm in love (Sha-la-lie), written by Pierre Kärntner, high-eyes throwing Eurovision Song Contest.
The song has already been criticized in the Netherlands, but that song makes a change.
Sadly Sieneke has recently had a serious throat infection.

Because Belgium is already participating in the first round, many bars already that evening the first semi-final and 2nd Semifinal broadcast followed by the finals on Saturday.
Netherlands is only in the second semi-final out. This means that the bars until the second semi-final broadcast followed by the finals on Saturday.

Below an overview and order:
first semifinal
01.Moldavie, 02.Rusland, 03.Estland, 04.Slovakije, 05.Finland, 05.Letland, 05.Servie, 08.Bosnie and Herzegovina, 09. Poland, 10.Belgie, 11.Malta, 12.Albanie, 13.Griekenland, 14.Portugal, 15.Marcedonie, 16.Wit Russia, 17.Ijsland

Second semi-final
01. Lithuania, 02. Armenia, 03. Israel, 04. Denmark, 05. Switzerland, 2006. Sweden, 2007. Azerbaijan, 08. Ukraine, 09. Netherlands, 1910. Romania, 11. Slovenia, 12. Ireland, 13. Bulgaria, 14. Cyprus, 15. Croatia, 16. Georgia 17. Turkey.

Donor countries, Great Britain, France and Germany are automatically selected and dop not semifinals.
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