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Amsterdam. The Cozy Bar, opened on August 14 in the center of Amsterdam, aims to please a wide variety of tastes by keeping it simple: no theme, no attitude, and everybody is welcome.
Jokingly referred to as ‘mother approved’, Cozy Bar is a small venue in the heart of the city offering Jupiler on tap, a variety of other beers and mixed drinks straight from the USA.
You certainly do not have to bring your mother, this is still a gay bar after all.
The idea is that this comfortably styled place is inoffensive at its heart.
The setting provides easy conversation, friendly staff with good service, and an uncomplicated place to unwind with your friends and have a great time.
Cozy Bar is owned by Anthony Hodge, an American with a Dutch mother,
who left the corporate world to pursue his dream of opening his own gay bar. The simple style of the bar says a lot about his own tastes and will translate to both locals and an international crowd without making anybody feel out of place.
“It’s not going to be cruisy, you can find that next door. It’s not trendy.
I want this to be a relaxed place where you can laugh with your friends or curl up with your boyfriend in our cozy corner and make out,” stated Hodge.
Cozy Bar opens in the former location of the Old Highlander,
a Scottish pub run by Ray Jones (owner of The Web) for over 10 years. Many of the warm features of the original bar are being kept, but the location has been lovingly refurbished to give it the extra cozy feel.
The word ‘cozy’ describes the venue perfectly,
hence the name.
It is small and quaint, and at 50 people the place is comfortably full.
Hodge elaborates, “I hope to offer another alternative to Amsterdam’s world famous gay scene, for people who want to chill out and talk and simply have a good time.
It’s all about good vibes here.
The planning for the bar was well underway when all of the changes and closures started happening in Amsterdam’s gay scene.
Many people say this is a great time for Cozy Bar to open. I say it’s dumb luck but with Cozy and other new venues opening around town,
I hope gay tourists do not get the impression that Amsterdam’s gay life is winding down.
With such a diversity of places to go out in this unique city where everything is within walking distance,
Cozy Bar can contribute something special.
The focus of Cozy Bar’s future will be longevity. There is no reinventing the wheel here, just a simple gay bar where a smile and a beer in your hand can make your evening. Expect to find a few special parties at Cozy Bar,
as well as live music on occasion. Otherwise, Cozy Bar hopes to be the place ‘where everybody knows your name’.
Hé, gezellig,Cozy!
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