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Come and celebrate with us the 21th Anniversary of Leather Pride Amsterdam - 2017!
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Leatherpride Amsterdam 2017

Events , partys , meetings , workshops , dinner and meet other people (real people).

Various locations at Bars , Shops and other locations .
Mr Leather Amsterdam NL Election 2018
Mr Leather Europe Election 2018

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DAY PROGRAM: (from 14:00 h )
One of the new events we have for you this year is the F*tish Taster. What is it? Exactly what the name suggests! Ever been to a restaurant and had the tasting menu? Its a way to sample lots of different specialities, and thats exactly what we have; but instead of food

Amsterdam’s fetish party INVASION, is heading up to it’s second edition during Leather Pride Amsterdam on Saturday 28th October 2016. A new industrial location at NDSM Dock. Swing on the huge dance floor and have a great view over NDSM Dock and the water at this unique location swimming on the water.
And Mister Leather Amsterdam 2017 election live on stage .

What is Leatherpride About ?

Socialize with friends and other wonderful individuals and talk about our lives and experiences. At the moment attempting to initiate some nice gatherings, but with good music and in a nice atmosphere, where the social aspect of meeting has priority. Meeting without telephones but having interest in each other as men, not on the telephone.
This is the Real thing , no the cyber way of the Internet.

DRESS CODE INFO ( some events ask stricty Dresscode - Others accept Casual Dress )
Invasion is a f*tish party and has a dress code. They expect the guests to expose creativity and fantasy into their outfits. No street clothes accepted!
General Invasion dress code: Leather, Rubber, Uniform, Neoprene, Skin Gear, Jocks, Boots, Harness, Metal, Plastic, Body Art, Puppy, Medical, BD, Cyber, Fantasy, Sports-Wear (full outfits).
Be aware, there are no ticket refunds if the dress code is not adhered to.

(edition 2015)

(edition 2014)

edition 2016 you can see on channel (from sunday oct 30) oct 30)

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