Rome Gaybar bomb attacks

. Unfortunate event in Rome. In august 2009 an gay singer was threatened in de streets of Rome (Italy) , later a lesbian was threatened on the streets of Rome in the Tibertina district. By the end of august two bombs were thrown at a bar in the gaystraat of Rome where different people was wounded and one guest was taken in the hospital. Fabrizio Marrazzo, President of GAY right group of Arcigay condemned these attacks . The conservative mayor Gianni Alemanno of Rome ask to install more security cameras at the main gay venues after different recent homophobic attacks in its city. He denied that homophobic violence in Rome grew. One of the large gay organizations in Rome, Mario Mieli Circle did not agreed of Alemanno statement and find the recent attacks intimidating. The police force arrested on Tuesday an 40 years old person whose is concerning the attack on Saturday. .
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