The disappearance of gaybars seems to be a cultural problem

. Gaybars disappear often, but not for obvious reasons. The disappearance of gay bars and clubs is an unfortunate side effect of a much more different reason than we expect.

"We are queer and that makes us a big family", but that's the end of this fairy tale.

Places in which gay men and women can gather smoothly ,have existed for centuries in various shapes and forms. In many neighborhoods, gays and lesbians had their own restaurants, bookstores, newspapers, and of course bars and saunas. For many gays, the experience of entering a gaybar for the first time,was a nervous discovery, where they can find and accept their own identity , like generations of gays found their boyfriend in their bar .

But now ,there is a sharp personality of the lack of cruelty that exists within the broader homosexual culture.

The first is the entrance. Often we hear notifications where guests are denied access by a staff member who indicated that the bar is full of capacity , while another employee could enter it and see it as dead and empty as possible. Now refusing is possible for drunk and aggressive guests, minors and poorly dressed guests, but sometimes they go too far. Do we not have the rainbow flag of tolerance?

Now not only the employees that give a problem, but also the guests. How the discrimination and humiliation goes through in the bar and dark spaces. Are we tolerant enough?

So there is no reason not to visit a gaybar. Let other guests sit in their own self and drink yourself one more .

Perhaps you do not find your date for the evening, but you are surrounded by like-minded people and give your personality an identity. Something that is hard to find on the social internet, these days and nights.

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