The Hate and Sorry on the dating Apps and Sites

Internet. Dating Apps and sites are sometimes very popular among gays. But it is a different kind of world than the real Gayscene.

First , everyone wants a date and make it easy and fast. A hookup nearby a park is not so gently , so people goes to the fast dating apps that are available. .

Second is to find a date. Young twinks are very popular than seniors .So these young users get lots of messages. But what is the first kind of information that some dates want first. 'Who is that guy , how does he looks , is he real or fake, is he nearby , good looking , active or still in the closet '.

So the easy way to avoid some situations is to ignore some messages or requests. But others see that as kind of aggression or dislikes it with hate messages. The truth is everywhere and is not so gently at all. There is a match or there is no match. You like the guy you don't like him. That is real life . On virtual dating that is a different issue.

A young man goes online and get texting from other users. Most of these texts are not more less then a " Hi ". And those text will likely been answered with a 'hi' back.

But that can be confused for a match and a date. So be , the young user get a series of texting ,quesions , pictures , request on a row from the unknown user he just say " Hi " before. Is this reallity ?

How the virtual world is more less social then what we think.

If a young twink, stop texting because there is no match , he is stalked with pointless texting like " ??? ".

If he text " No " to a date , then he must give an explanation " Why?? ". Sorry, but if someone says " No " to a date, there is some reason for it. But must he explain everything, his personal feelings, life and gender to an unknown person?

And sometimes it becomes very bad. That young man gets hate messages and dislikes. There are situations where there is a kind of blasting on social networks, even blackmailing. 'If I don't get a date with you, I tell you parents about is'.

So , how a simple way of communicating becomes a world of Sorry and Hates. Have we fought for years for our rights for this?

source - author : markverb
Photo: gaybars

This is a report made from experiences of young and older users on dating sites. Many have experienced terrible horror stories, which we left out for a while and others had funny moments.