5th annual Prague Pride festival and parade

. The 5th annual Prague Pride festival has started with events, parties and a colourful parade. As tradition has it, The Prague parade start at the top of Wenceslas Square, began at 12:00 with all colors and noise!

“Bearded lady” Conchita Wurst will kick off Prague Pride 2015 Austrian singer Conchita Wurst, winner of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, will be the main star of the Prague Pride 2015 Opening Concert. The singer has become popular through her winning song “Like a Phoenix” and also her charming black beard. Aneta Langerova who acquired four Angel music awards last April will be another star of the opening concert. She will perform a selection of songs from her latest album “Na Radosti”. Both female singers will be supported by Jaro Smejkal, a young openly gay pop singer.

The 5th annual Prague Pride festival will focus on LGBT+ issues and starts on Monday 10th August 2015. The location of the opening concert is Strelecky Island, where a “Pride Village” will be welcoming all members of the public until Friday 14th August 2015. Every day, cultural, social and sport events will take place on the island. Picnics and kids’ activities are on the programme too. “Strelecky Island is a lovely place with a unique atmosphere.

All members of Prague Pride would like to express deep sorrow over the passing of a fourteen-year-old (14) Filip who committed suicide last week. Filip did not want to live in a society where he is considered second-class citizen, abnormal or bad just because he was gay. Nor in a society actively denying differences rather than accepting them.

The well-known, yet unsubstantiated theory about the Czechs being tolerant towards gays, lesbians and transgender people has been therefore once again disputed. For a long time, Prague Pride has been pointing out that the Czech society is apathetic towards us rather than tolerant. It is crucial to communicate with the society and to create tolerance towards LGBT people.
source - author : Gaybars.eu