ColognePride 2016  Different.Life! ('anders.Leben! ')

ColognePride 2016 Different.Life! ('anders.Leben! ')

The motto for Cologne Pride 2016 is 'different.Life!.
With this the organisers, Cologne Association for Gays and Lesbians (KLuST e.V.), not only look back on the joint fight against discrimination and for complete legal equality as well as unreserved social acceptance during the past 25 years, but also ask the question, what does it mean in the year 2016 to live 'differently' and to love. What is the state of integration and inclusion of LGBTQI in society and politics and also within their own community? (see under)

Alone the facts that even today legislators actively fuel discrimination, while laws based on 'gut feelings' will not be changed, or furthermore rehabilitation, which according to the old paragraph 175 from the German penal code causes suffering for condemned LGBTQI, show deficits in the legislative rule of law which urgently need to be overhauled and aligned.

Because of the Orlando Schooting , few weeks before, security is increased and some events are changed. Most events had take place in the Bermuda Pink Triagle (Schaffenstrasse,..) where most of the Gaybars are located.

In short about this Theme: discrimination and stigmatisation still belong today as sad daily occurrences. Thus, living differently in society is a picture of everyday life painted with fear and pain. It is for this reason ColognePride 2016 would like to focus on how we live together and how we want to live together in the past, the present and in the future.

The motto for Cologne Pride 2016 is different.Life!.
The Gay Parade will be the highlight of this event.

ColognePride 2016 Different.Life! ('anders.Leben! ')

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