LeatherPride Belgium 2018

LeatherPride Belgium 2018

For the 9the edition of LeatherPride Belgium in 2018, the go further to taking it to the next level.

Five-years ago they introduced the "all-under-one-roof" concept. It has proven to be a very successful recipe. Day shows and entertainment are combined with great nightlife experiences. Each year many new and innovative initiatives are added to the programme. This international edition will recieve visitors of all European countries and overseas (even Australia and USA).

This year the show a retrospective of the work of REX exhibition REXWORLD . The work represents one man's lifelong dedication to free speech and revolutionary art rooted in the unvarnished truth about ourselves. Many young viewers will remain contemplative after their initial exposure to this "hidden" art and introduction to the complex underworld of the artist known as REX.

For the 2018 edition, the have 3 concepts under 1 roof : Darklands : Show , entetainments and many shops , Mister Leather Belgium Contest , Mister Puppy Europe contest, Mr Superhero F*tish contest, Mr Rubber Europe contest and 4 big partys ( Dresscode apply , no crossdressing ).

For the big early buyers , Darklands shops are allready open on fridaynight till 9pm (21:00h ). They are also Dinners, Bruches and the famous Pipi's Hysterical City Bus Tour , presented by Pipi Von Saksen-Coburg and her dog Chanel.

For the many shows , the are Sign-Language Interpretation (on English) at Darklands to make the shows accessible for the hard of hearing and deaf people.

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