Mc Homo new Party in Hamburg

Hamburg. Hamburg is internationally recognized as the gateway to the world. This is where cultures and trends together, here currents and ideas mix, here gays live out-you'd think!

But where the best is still to the gay scene in the Hanseatic city was known beyond the borders of time? Where is the international party atmosphere in which Twinks Hunks together and into the early morning, the night did the day? Why leave the hot guy the city to experience in Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Co. the night of all nights?

It is time that they will be colorful again, international, better gay community-it's time for Mc Homo, the new gayparty in Hamburg. . Mc homo gets the hot lifestyle back to Hamburg. The new "shocking gay extravaganza" combines international acts and DJs with colorful, weird performances in top venues for a party experience as it has not experienced the city for years.

Thumping house beats on an international level are accompanied by (La Demence Brussels) Dancers and Drags, bring your imagination to cook and drive the fun factor in ecstatic heights. Forget the Hanseatic smugness and all conventions-here you are only to herself Naughty, colorful, wild -. That is the new event series gays-only Party Fever.

Our dress code is GAY with all that you have for the scene and to offer her, whether sweet or polynuclear Sportboy or Leathermen. Let's get best way again and dance topless! Long drive miles for an exciting night can you forget, for now you are experiencing this feeling ungehemmmte live in the hottest gay city in the world!

source - author : Mc Homo Hamburg

Photos: Jorden Arts

Start : Saturday 25.04.2015 23:00 h until ... ? Location: Traxx Club, Danziger Straße 21, 20099 Hamburg Entrance: 10

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