Cologne Carnival Gay Crazyness

Köln. This weekend , Cologne is in a collective state of crazyness.
Celebrating carnival in one of Colognes gaybars .

Parties in Altermarkt , Schaafenstrasse and Pipinstasse.
The traditional Rosa Ball on Saterday is the most colourful party of Gay Carnival in Cologne.

Many big parties like Greenkomm Carnival special for party animals and the Carnival Nights at Venue.
Naughty Controle and Closer2HeavenGoes2Rio are events you don't want to miss.

There are several marches in the city , but the uncontested hihhlights is the Rosenmontagszug on Monday.
More then 250.000 people take to the streets to see the parade and party. Gays have to see this parade from from Matthiasstrasse and Hohe Pforte .

Everything you need to know about Carnival in Cologne is yourself.
From Thursday to Ash Wednesday,Carnival in Cologne .
Some bars have no entree fee or have no desscode on certain carnival days.
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50 gaybars in Cologne.

Bars and clubs in Köln


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