HustlaBall 2018

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HustlaBall first debuted in 2002. The HustlaBall Award, Europe's largest adult award, was awarded to the best actors, studios, films and websites since 2008. The festival weekend is aimed at all the party people und clubbers of the gay scene (but not exclusively for gays).

-Heinrich-Heine-Strasse U8

10th HustlaBall Award 20:00 / 08:00 pm 23:00 / 11:00 pm The party night starts with the award show of the 7th HustlaBall Award;New Name covers better : 10TH REAL HUSTLABALL AWARDS .

Berlin will once again be the hottest spot in the x industry. When stars and starlets from the world of x pop their corks to celebrate both themselves and their admirers, then you can be sure that the HustlaBall is back in town - HustlaBall Circuit Weekend 2015. Spread like legs across the city at over ten events and running for four days, you can cruise, dance and shag like there is no tomorrow.
One of Berlin biggest gay parties is taking place right after the HustlaBall Award. When after 10pm thousands of gay men descend on Berlin in their outfits, then you know that HustlaBall Berlin is most certainly the place to be. There is no party more legendary than the HustlaBall Berlin. Young men travel from all over the world on a pilgrimage to Berlin only so they can be there too when their mouth-watering stars perform live on stage.

Saturday will in your calendar for the 12th Salvation Party Berlin. Salvation is known for its extravagantly designed locations as well as its international show acts and DJs. As in the years past, youte are all find the Salvation Party once again in the Malzfabrik, Bessemerstr. 2-14, at the same place where the HustlaBall once originated.

As in the years before, this year again we advise you not to hang around before grabbing your ticket. Purchase the whole HustlaBall Circuit Weekend Berlin starting or get your VIP ticket Of course, you can also get individual tickets for the various parties online.


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