Oostend is the largest city in the Belgian coast. . In former days there was many foot travellers boats to Dover (stopped by Channel tunnel use). Gay live is generally just in the evening.Few years ago there were more then 10 gaybars. Now most of then are now. But there are still a few good gaybars left to visit.

Regenbooghuis Rebus - Roze Huis

Pink LGBT house - west Flanders   Oostende

Bar Cafe Bonaparte

large heated terrace . Kitchen open from 14h to ...   Oostende
vanaf 21:00 gesloten ma ,din ,zon

Eetcafe Belcante

Van Iseghemlaan 18   Oostende
vrij zat zon vanaf 18:00 uur


bar cruise relax massage playrooms   Oostende
ma + woe : vanaf 14:00 don tot zondag : vanaf 19:00 din gesloten

Maxim Cafe

Van Iseghemlaan 37   Oostende
don tot zon: 14:00 tot 23:00 uur din + woe : gesloten

Recto Verso Lounge

The bar is located close from the station.
The gay-friendly lounge caters to a wide audience with a variety of music and events.    
vanaf 21:00 uur

Your Place

Aartshertoginnestraat 12   Oostende
vanaf 20:00 uur gesloten din

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