Nordine is Mister Leather Belgium 2014

Brussel. Nordine Bassista from Brussels is Mister Leather Belgium 2014. Nordine was selected from four candidates during the 5th edition of the Leather Pride Belgium in Antwerp.

Nordine will support a project that will contribute to the entire gay community in the fight against gay bashing and homofobia. The goal is to set up a self-defense club for helping gays during an attempted of gay bashing . There club also provided support for people who has encounter a case of gay bashing.

Furthermore, Nordin will open be the first rubber club in Belgium , together with his friend Julien. He wants to give the rubber scene in Belgium more ground.

According Nordine is not expensive to buy rubber clothing on the general stores or secondary market .

He will also support for a rubber party in Manchester on March 21.
source - author : Mark

Photos: Gaybiz

Mister Leather Belgium 2014

Bars and clubs in Brussel


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