Lost and stolen smartphones increased

. The number of lost and stolen mobile phones is increasing month after month, as confirmed by operator Mobistar.
From January to August 2010, Mobistar has over 20,000 SIM cards blocked.
Even when there were 49 000 Proximus SIM card is blocked, in 2009 and 53,000 during the first six months of this year 27,000.
Blackberries and iPhones are especially prized. Often places where many people are present, such as discotheques
where most thefts occur.
Flaunt iPhones or other smartphones or SMS in those places does not seem so smart.
In most places such as saunas can leave the phone at the reception or special safes.
Now several other vendors like Samsung and Nokia better smartphones on the market to bring
will do thefts increase.
source - author : Gaybars.eu

Bars and clubs in


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