Tuesday 29 July 2014


Friday 29 August
Popcake on Friday
The Penthouse
22:00 h
Popcake on Friday

Sunday 28 Sept.
Popcake on Sunday
The Penthouse
23:00 h
Popcake on Sunday


    The Boss

Rijswijkseweg 536     2516HT   Den Haag
dark Bar , , industral decoration, 18 + Cafe The Real Boss

  : Monday,Tuesday,Thursday : 8PM to 1AM
          Friday ,Saturday : 10PM to 1AM
          Sunday :4PM to 8PM

-DenHaag HS
    GAY    ringdoor    BAR    K*

Dresscode apply (theme)
Tuesday no dresscode
entrance :7,5 / 9 eur


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Last Update 17/01/2013