La Demence - Fuse Club (Blaes)

Blaesstraat 208   208 Rue Blaes       Brussels
Famous Gay party on some evenings ( read party calendar). Saterday is never La Demence gay event , but a ordinary mix disco la fuse , ( not excl. Gay )
  : some days only - see calendar

-Brussel / Bruxelles Midi
    GAY    ringdoor

(Sundays and certain nights before holidays). Gay clubbing with style. Hard music for hard core boys who prefer torso exposed than in T-shirt show. International public of thirties and older.3 rooms, different DJ, comic acts. Near Brussels South station, (Bruxelles-Midi)parking and surveillance in South Avenue area. Book best tickets for Jan. 1 edition. <br/> NEW ! GUARDED PARKING.<br/> (3 for 24h) special LA DEMENCE tariff valid from Friday 22:00 till Monday 07:00 with non-stop FREE SHUTTLE service (5 min.) between the parking and the entrance of the club.<br/> Parking Porte de Hal (interparking) Boulevard de Waterloolaan 103 1000 Brussels <hr/> <br/> (sometimes party at other location ! . Saterday never La Demence PARTY at Fuse Club ,Rue Blaes) <br/> <img src="">


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Last Update 14/05/2018